About Us

My name is Abby Kindall and I’m the visionary & founder of Harvest Moon. Community, creativity, and clothing are a huge part of my life. I’m currently a working hairstylist at Bespoke Salon Co. Being a stylist has taught me that I thrive when building relationships with others and that creativity is such a beautiful thing! Fashion will forever be a very inspiring and unique part of life. I’m excited to use shop as outlet to share this part of me. Harvest Moon is such a dream come true and I can’t wait to grow with you all.

Abby Kindall, visionary & founder of Harvest Moon


Harvest Moon is a new local boutique established here in Wichita, Kansas. Our vision is to have hand picked clothing and fine goods for the modern girl who loves to play with the current trends. Our mission is to be connected and inclusive with our customers and community, to be an authentic and creative environment, and to manifest and give love deeply and wholeheartedly to everyone